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Thread: av8 not working in Windows7?

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    Default av8 not working in Windows7?

    Have been unsuccessfully trying to record BBC radio program (using sound card, not streaming). Always had great luck with old computer/Vista. New computer with Windows7 and cannot do any recording - log tells me "Total time in track less than 10 seconds -- track will not be saved." - (have tried recording for various times but still get same message). log also says:"Not enough data to save. Likely tuning error."

    Do I have to wait for AV9 to do any recording?

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    Default Re: av8 not working in Windows7?

    Not that I can explain your problem but I have been using Replay A/V 8 on Windows 7
    for almost 2 years with no issues. I'm doing Stream Capture from radio stations and then
    converting to 64-bit MP3 (I record political talk shows).

    So, there is hope. the tech support folks here have been pretty good to me, I've owned Applian software in
    some version for a long time. From 4.2

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    Default Re: av8 not working in Windows7?

    Your computer is probably using a newer version of flash. Flash updates have caused audio capture to not work for many people. We are working on a new program and when it is released it will work with audio. A suggestin is to try stream capture with your link.

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