I have questions concerning audio recording features in RMC 4.

First, I notice that if I set the audio recorder output to WAV and uncheck the Applian audio driver box, these settings revert back to MP3 and checked the next time I run RMC 4. Are there no savable settings for these, and, what would it mean to record with both Windows Audio Driver and Applian Audio driver checked?

Next, when executing a scheduled audio recording, the browser page for the stream source remains open and active after the recording is finished, even though "stop monitoring" appears in the drop down box for "On stop." By experimenting, I found that a second scheduled recording on the heels of the first opened a second copy of the browser page for the source, and an audible echo occurred due to the fact that both copies were streaming. However, the recording did NOT have an echo, since it was evidently feeding only off the second copy. I am wondering how to cope with a situation where I schedule multiple recordings overnight while I am sleeping. Is there any risk in having several browser pages streaming at the same time (with the playback volume on zero?)

Finally, I note that all my scheduled audio recordings are captured in .asf format. When returning to the recoding history page, a prompt offers to perform an automatic conversion of the file to my chosen conversion format. Interestingly, the WAV format is not listed as a conversion choice, yet the WAV format is an output option on the (manual) audio recorder page. It is desirable to use WAV format for WAV editors, which I have in other programs, but it means extra steps to implement them. Is this a possible future option?

Thanks for any response.