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Thread: Intentional Silence in Songs

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    Default Intentional Silence in Songs

    I am using the trial version, and so far it's hit or miss. It beats doing it manually (using Audacity).

    My question is, how does Replay Music deal with intentional silences in songs? Will it split it? If so, anyway to undo to split (kind of an undo)?

    Also once in a while, it does not split when it should. Anyway to get it to redetect and split it or manually do it?

    I don't want to load an already lossy MP3 (that was recorded via analog) into Audacity, edit it, and re-encode it back to MP3 again (another lossy conversion).

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    Default Re: Intentional Silence in Songs

    You are going to need to make adjustments in the settings for splitting. I have my milliseconds of silence set for 150 and it works great for me. We do have another program that does join files together called Replay media Splitter.

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