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Thread: Let us know before we update: Replay Music update requires downgrade of Adobe Flash Player

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    Exclamation Let us know before we update: Replay Music update requires downgrade of Adobe Flash Player

    "Flash player versions greater than can cause issues with the 'Audio Driver' setting. To go back to version, please uninstall Flash and install from here...." is the message I just got when I updated from Replay Music 5.05 to 5.20.

    I hate to tell you people this, but Adobe doesn't update its software just for the heck of it: most of its updates are security-related, and I have no intention of using insecure products on my computer. I have version 11.4.402.265. According to Adobe, earlier versions contain vulnerabilities that could "potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system." Therefore, after installing Replay Music 5.20, I uninstalled it, since I had no intention of downgrading Flash, and neither did I have any intention of having some kind of driver conflict on the system. There should have been a warning on the gui of the installation file, so that I could have chosen to wait to update until Applian fixed the application so that it does not clash with Flash. Unfortunately, upon getting the new download file from Applian, I had deleted my saved version of the earlier install file, which created a different problem--that of finding whatever earlier version that did not interfere with Flash. I did manage to find version 5.05 on a different external HD, but there should have been a convenient link on the Applian Replay Music download page. I am now wondering, though, if any (or which, if any) of these earlier versions conflict with various versions of Flash. Maybe I should find an even earlier version to revert to.

    Having people revert to an earlier version of Flash is an invitation to a security disaster: you need to fix your program before you release it, not endanger customers who may not be aware that they should not downgrade Flash.

    I remain upset also by the lack of information in the gui of the uninstaller as to whether or not I should delete the "unused" dlls that the uninstaller "thinks" are no longer used. I tell it not to delete them, on the rationale that they might be used by some program that I have not reinstalled or something. Normally, leaving such files in is harmless, but I would like more information. If the files are used only by Applian products, then they might very well be older versions of dlls that are already updated by other Applian applications--who knows whether they fix that when they're updating their software.

    I had yet another issue, although I don't know yet if it remains: upon updating the Media Splitter, I was informed that my registration was no longer valid and that I would have to upgrade. Closing, reopening, and rebooting in the course of uninstalling/reinstalling the other updates has so far resulted in that message not appearing again, but I am concerned. I am curious as to why I so often have to re-register the applications after updates. You would think that the program would save a file or a reg entry with a valid product key so that I wouldn't have to do that.
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    Default Re: Let us know before we update: Replay Music update requires downgrade of Adobe Flash Player

    The program does not require you to use a different flash. What the hint said is that some people might have an issue and that using an older version can resolve it if they want to use the audio driver. If you don't want to use it all you need to do is use the WIN AUDIO DRIVER in the settings of the program and you should be good to go. If you have stereo mix or something like that you can also use it.

    If you have an issue with your activation code please do contact tech support for that. Thanks.

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