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Thanks for the quick reply Cheryl. Unless I am missing something this is recording the audio playing on the computer, not capturing the stream. This means I have to log into the Sirius Webpage and stick around to ensure the page doesn't time out in order to record programming. It also means I am stuck listening to the audio playing in order to record it. There are other tools that can handle this functionality, but I have been hoping for a tool that will let me schedule a recording without needing to be around. From the video you linked it looks like this is not feasible with Replay Radio. If I am mistaken, definitely let me know.
I record American Top 40 every weekend without a problem. For example the Saturday show starts at approximately 12 NOON and ends approximately at 2:15PM . I start the XM player at about 11:30AM and it does not time out until about 3 hours. I know this because of the time of the recording.