OK, I will try to describe everything that I can so hopefully I can get an answer to my issue. In short, Replay A/V is not recording my Sirius shows in entirety. I get 10 second to 1 hour+ blocks of recording.

This all started this past Thursday. When I left for work, everything was working as usual. When I got home is when I noticed something was wrong. Somewhere in between the recordings of my two Sirius shows, something happened. Being that I was not home, I am not sure what happened. I went to my recordings and noticed that my first show had recorded, but my second show did not. I went to click on the Replay A/V icon in the system tray and it disappeared. I figured the program frozen and shut down. But when I clicked the icon in my start menu, it told me that it could not find the program. I looked in the folder I installed it in, and the program file was gone. No one was on my computer, so I have no idea what happened here. I had to uninstall the program and reinstall it for it to finally work.

Then yesterday (Friday) I ran the program as I usually do, and I noticed that I would get blocks of recordings that would last 10 second to 1 hour+. I do not have it set to cut up the recordings. I record one whole recording in one file. Again, this affected only my Sirius recordings. I do record another show off of a radio website and it records the whole show as it should and has been. So whatever is going on seems to only be effecting the Sirius stream. I checked the XM Tuner and ran it over night (Into this morning) and it never shut off or had any outages. So I dont think it is the XM Tuner. To double check, I streamed a channel through XM tuner while tuning to the station using Replay A/V. The tuner continued to play while the stream through Replay A/V stopped and I got this message, "Windows Media Player cannot play the file because a network error occurred. The server might not be available (for example, the server is busy or not online) or you might not be connected to the network." I even tried to stream Sirius with a different program (SiriusXMStreamer) and I got the same results. Replay A/V records in blocks, while playing the stream from SiriusXMStreamer works fine.

Going back a step, when I got home from work (Friday) I read a few post on this forum and found that the updated flash player has affect some people. So I tried to record a program on my laptop which has an older version of flash. It did the same thing. I also tried it on a 3rd computer... Same thing. I installed the latest version of flash on the 1st computer I had a problem with... Same thing. I uninstalled flash and reinstalled the last version that worked well... Same thing. By the way, System Restore does not work on my computer. I was never able to figure out how to get it to work, and luckily have never really needed to use it. I think it is a Windows 7 thing or just something messed up on my computer. So I can't go back to a restore point.

I am not sure what is going on. It has to do with how Replay A/V is capturing the stream. Why it started to act up now and not before is a complete mystery.

Some other helpful info... I have Windows 7 (XP on my 3rd computer & Vista on my laptop), XM Tuner 0.6.4 and I am using Replay A/V 8.82.

Hopefully someone out there can help me. I know this program is not really being supported anymore, but hopefully I can get some help. By the way, I know I read that a new program that is similar is coming out soon. What is the latest word on that? Last I saw was in the beginning of August and it was said to be coming out in a few weeks. Is it still on schedule? Can you give a good description of its capabilities?

I appreciate any help. Thank you.