Please note my +1 to the previous posters who are encouraging the release of RR9. I lost my RR8 when I got a new computer, and I've tried the big media suite offered and am now having to suffer through the use of the totally inferior platform which results in me having to devote tremendous blocks of time per week downloading streams, and heaven forbid I let it go for a few weeks as programs become undownloadable after a couple weeks of time. RR8 and its predecessors were so much a part of my life for years as I recorded 8 hours of talk radio per day. Please, please, please get this new program released. I have been looking at "Please note that Replay AV is no longer available for purchase. An amazing new radio-oriented recording solution is coming soon - stay tuned!" for months now. If it's going to be much longer, please just let RR8 be made available again on a temporary basis until 9 comes along.