hi there.first of all sorry for my bad english i dont know if i started the thread in the right place because my question is both for video and audio recording.if applian staff transfer this thread i would like to have the link sended in my email.soooo...
i have to PCs and they are both the same(windows xp home).yesterday the graphics card of the one of them broke down.i did a format to the pc and in order to work i didnt install the graphics drivers.now the pc works but the graphics quality are low BUT ALSO i noticed a difference in the sound quality.it seems that somehow the sound quality was affected by the format i did.
so lets say that i record a utybe video with the Record Audio button of the freecorder with both PCs(remember that now they have defferent audio qualities).Will the two music file be the same quality?Or it would be two different sound quality files?
the same questions go for the Video History too. thanks in advance