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    Default Everybody is blue

    I have just tried capturing video on my new computer with win 7 64 bit and everybody is blue. Have played with various settings and video types and everybody is consistently the same shade of light blue. For a certain movie this would be good but not for most recorded material.

    Any suggestions as to what may be affecting the color or what overrides the normal RVC capture. This does not show up in other video I view, either online or saved to the desktop.

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    Hi Joseph,

    Can you please make sure your computer monitor is plugged in firmly on both ends? This could simply be an issue with how your video card is connected.

    If it IS - please make sure you update your video driver as well as run the windows updates. Being a new pc, i could see one or both of these being the cause of your issue.
    Best Regards,

    Jeff Lenney
    Technical Support
    Applian Technologies, Inc.

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    The problem did not have anything to do with applian or connections. Apparently the dell person changed something trying to diagnose a dead hard drive dell had shipped. I tried viewing the output in other programs and after using the windows media viewer, the colors reverted to normal in the default vlc viewer. Apparently just a coincidence with trying to record. Not sure how colors got shifted though as no settings seem to do that.

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