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Thread: Media Catcher - Suggest: Name Files at Start, Keep List Upon Exit

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    Default Media Catcher - Suggest: Name Files at Start, Keep List Upon Exit

    Two things I would like to see added to Replay Media Catcher are the ability to choose a file name for the finished video before it's done downloading and for the program to keep the downloaded/downloading files in the list when I exit.

    I download a lot from Hulu, but I don't like the file naming system, for example "Hulu - Team Knight Rider- The Bad Seed - Watch the full episode now..flv". I would prefer to set the name myself, without having to wait for the download to finish first, as I mostly set them up and then step away from the computer. It would be nice to use my own naming system, which includes the episode number, specific spacing, and would avoid the "Watch the full episode now." message entirely.

    Also, my Windows operating system updates itself, which causes it to reboot itself sometimes too. That means Media Catcher closes and I lose my list of completed and partial files and the order in which they were downloaded, which helps me remember the episode numbers for renaming. It takes just a bit more time to look up the episode list and rename everything.

    These aren't major concerns, just minor things I believe would help make the recording go faster and more smoothly.
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    Those are great ideas. Thank you for the feedback!

    Best Regards,

    Tasha Heinlein
    Applian Technologies, Inc.

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