I have been using the Replay AV suite for a number of years and just lived with these issues but it has finally grown annoying enough that I am posting a feature request.

1) Ability to tag files with Album Art.
- I record several radio programs regularly and it would be great to have each show's MP3 files tagged with a specific album art.

2) Ability to tag the title with the file number.
- When splitting is used it would be great to have the MP3 tags notate the file number similar to the filename. Many players - especially car stereos - only display the TITLE tag so having 5 files all tagged with just the date is confusing.

3) When naming/tagging with the date and splitting the output, have the ability to use the date from start of the show not when the split file was created.
- I often record programs that go past midnight and split the output. This means that the first 2-3 files have one date and the final files are dated the next day. Replay AV seems to know the files are from the same recording session as the naming increments the file counts. This is confusing if I record multiple nights as files sorted by name list the first couple files from last night followed by the last ones from the night prior. For example below are a list of files for two nights recordings that cross midnight:



This means that when placed in alpha order (which many cars stereos use), the files come out as follows:
04-20-2011-1.mp3 -- NIGHT 1
04-20-2011-2.mp3 -- NIGHT 1
04-21-2011-1.mp3 -- NIGHT 2
04-21-2011-2.mp3 -- NIGHT 2
04-21-2011-3.mp3 -- NIGHT 1
04-21-2011-4.mp3 -- NIGHT 1
04-21-2011-5.mp3 -- NIGHT 1
04-22-2011-3.mp3 -- NIGHT 2
04-22-2011-4.mp3 -- NIGHT 2
04-22-2011-5.mp3 -- NIGHT 2

The more days in a row that are recorded the more confusing this gets. It would be best if the files for a single recording session were tagged/named with the date from the start of the show as opposed to when the split file is created.

If you need me to provide any additional information to help clarify any of these items, do not hesitate to let me know.

Thanks in advance for your help,