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    Hello all, I have a question and hope this is the right place for it. I have been using the suite for some time now and have had several updates. I was checking my control panel and programs loaded and noticed that all of the previous versions are still there also.
    My question is, are the newer versions using the older ones to run or can I delete all of the older versions?

    Example: I have 2 Media Catchers, 4 Video Captures, 5 Replay Music. Each one is a different version.

    Is it safe to delete the older versions?


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    HI There

    Great question

    You can delete all older versions, no problem at all!
    Best Regards,

    Jeff Lenney
    Technical Support
    Applian Technologies, Inc.

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    I would say keep the installers. Newer versions sometimes expect you to pay for a new registration. Back them up in CDs if necessary.

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