Hi again Jeff,
A couple of things I'd like to see in future updates.
I sometimes use a small netbook when not using my PC. I find I can't see the bottom of the Director page, it would be useful to be able to scroll down, I can't see the links for the forum etc. I log into Replay Music then the ? to get here, so a scroll function in Director would be useful.

Each time I use Replay Music I have to move it from the centre to my preferred place on the screen, would love a memory type thing like Windows so that Replay Music will open in the same place each time on my screen.
Will you be adding a right click mouse paste feature back into Replay Music 5 when manually editing tracks. In 4.40 I could do this, now only way is control V in version 5 so I'd love that feature back.
I mentioned to Cheryl about having an add to ITunes button on the main page of Replay Music, when you import tracks you have to click start recording and then stop to call this up, would be nice just to have a button which does this when you want it.
All small niggles, not essential but useful nonetheless.
Thanks for all of the support I have received from both yourself and Cheryl these past few weeks.