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Thread: Problems Burning CD's

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    Default Problems Burning CD's

    Okay I have downloaded and purchased the program I have wanted to purchase for awhile now.

    However I want to move the recorded files CD-RW and then transfer to the hard-drive in my car stereo.

    I have it currently set to record Sirius streams and then convert the files to Windows Media. They play fine on my PC, but when I try and burn a disc, I get no audio error on a Pioneer deck and Not Supported on my JVC deck both of which support WMA.

    I'm tempted to use the burning app inside Replay.

    How do I go about converting and burning these files????

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    You are able to use the included converter to convert the files to many different formats. Check your user manual to see what format you need for your player. Then you are able to use the converter either as a standalone player or in conjunction with AV.

    Also, upate your codes from this link.

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    That didn't work...

    When I tried to burn a CD through the Converter software, my car player still says it won't support it.

    Also the files look like this wma.asf

    Even when I rename them the player(s) still won't play them.

    I'm just going to start converting shows starting next week to MP3 and I shouldn't have any problems (I hope)

    Why can't can I just have regular WMA files with extentions of .wma and not others only seen by WMP11.

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