I have used FLV Player for some years now. I really like the app. I just downloaded and attempted to upgrade from 2.xx to 3.0. I was shocked at the number of 3rd party software packages you are forcing users to install when they run the install app. There is no option to un-select any of these apps or plug ins. I can understand you need to find ways to make money from third party apps and certainly the process of offering third party apps as OPTIONS is quite common. However, I have never seen anything this blatant. Why force users to install and then have to uninstall these apps and plug ins? I will not upgrade until these apps are either removed or an option to install them is added. In fact, this experience is going to force me to look for an alternate player.

In addition, the installation program left FireFox and FLV Player 2.xx inoperable, with a missing .dll file. They both required re-installation. This whole experience with your 3.0 upgrade has in my opinion, been very unprofessional.

Paul Christensen