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Thread: Can't record correctly from Rhapsody

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    Default Can't record correctly from Rhapsody

    I downloaded Replay Music for trial to record streaming audio from my Rhapsody application. I set the recorder up according to the instructions. I wanted to record a playlists of 16 tracks. It begins recording the music fine but then when it gets to the second track the Replay Music application shuts down and also, the Rhapsody application freezes. The audio quality for the track it recorded seems to be OK. I am running Windows 7 64-bit. The Replay Music version is 4.05. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Edit - tried it twice, same results both times.
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    Default Re: Can't record correctly from Rhapsody

    Open Replay Music
    Select Start Recording
    Our dialog box comes up
    At the bottom it says to open website to record
    Select that and our page comes up
    Go back to the dialog box and select OK
    Now, go to what you want to record.
    Do a fresh boot of your computer prior to recording. Make sure it is allowed in your firewall. Contact tech support if you continue to have this issue.

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    Default Re: Can't record correctly from Rhapsody

    Thank you...I'll give that a try.

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