I am using XP Pro and have no malware, spyware or viruses of ANY sort. What I do have is a copy of Replay AV that downloads only when it wants to. I have uninstalled it, I have ran the program to take out and reload the serial number and I still cannot download ANY videos from YouTube.
1. start up replay av
3. Record Something right now
4. Capture a video...
5. stream capture area is blank even after running a youtube video and have it in temp cache
6. click "Add Selections as New Recording" and enter a youtube url
7. name it - enter URL - set Convert to: 450 AVI and "record now" box checked
8. Click and watch the main screen on Replay AV showing my video selection - it begins saying "CONNECTING" then stops and merely shows the date. In the file on my hard drive this folder is empty for the video.
Note: this program has worked 3 times before, but with much fiddling...I have done a review for this program in SCUG Report, a computer user group, and now I am having problems - can you help me out here?
Gregory West
Editor, SCUG Report