Issue that comes up from time to time, that is duplicate entries in my Windows 7 Programs & Features section with in the Control Panel.

Last nite I came across these entries:
Freecorder 4.01 Application dated 7/11/11
Freecorder 5 dated 9/1/11

Freecorder Toolbar v dated 5/21/11
Freecorder Toolbar v dated 9/1/11
(which does not make sense is not version 6 the newest?)

Replay Music dated 4/28/11
Repaly Music dated 8/1/11

Replay Video Capture 5 dated 5/27/11
dated 8/1/11
dated 8/17/11

In the past, if I uninstalled the oldest version of a particular
Applian app, then all/both are uninstalled.

1. Is there a way to check the PC to see if in fact older versions are
Left behind?
2. Is there a way to remove an older version from the Control Panel, without remove all versions?
3. With respect to the Freecorder Toolbar- is not version 6 the newest? Wonder how
V 5 is dated Sept when V 6 is from May.

Thank you in advance.