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Thread: watch downloaded video from other computer while downloading?

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    Default watch downloaded video from other computer while downloading?

    Hello - I want to download a live stream from one computer (the one with Catcher on it) and watch it from another computer (the one my computer is connected to) at the same time. If possible I would rather watch the recorded stream and not be simultaneously downloading the live stream just in case I run out of bandwidth. The file is being saved in a network share so access isn't a problem, but it seems when I try to play the file while it is being recorded, nothing happens. I figure this is because it is locked and/o changing, but I don't know if there is a way around this?

    I guess I could have installed catcher on the second computer and saved to the network location, but it is too late for that. Plus the second computer sucks.


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    Default Re: watch downloaded video from other computer while downloading?

    ok probably wont work on 2nd computer but make sure you use vlc media player most of the time u can let it record for a little while then close browser then open vlc player and watch with no issues. this can help with bandwidth this is how i watch live sporting events.

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