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Thread: Locked files?

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    Default Locked files?

    Hello All,

    Long time Replay Music customer here.

    I record music from Rhapsody, and every few songs it seems like they come up with some form of DRM. When I copy them to other media that does not recognize DRM, they simply don't show up.

    See below for what it looks like when I view the directory in Windows Explorer. I do not see anything special under file properties.

    Thanks for any help you guys can provide... FYI the files play back fine from within Rhapsody.


    (p.s., no jokes about Bruno Mars - this is for my kids)

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    Default Re: Locked files?

    OK - update after a little more troubleshooting...

    When I right click on the file and select "share with", I can see that it was set for "nobody" as opposed to "homegroup read/write".

    So the question is, why are some of the files marked this way while others are not? These files were all recorded at the same time as an album.

    I am using Windows 7 64bit Home Premium and RP 4.0.


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