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Thread: New Build Release today

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    Default New Build Release today

    I see that there is a new build released today. Could you explain what this new build fixes... You have people all over the forum because you did not prepare for the SiriusXM upgrade.. after 6 days we hear nothing from you... Like everyone else, I am trying hacks to make this product work with very limited success...
    If you release a new build that fixes these issues, how about you mention that?!?!?

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    Default Re: New Build Release today

    I noticed that the version number of what they have available for download (8.83) is one higher than what's listed in the release notes (goes up to 8.82). But, we could have already been running that. I don't know. Perhaps they're still testing the latest build.

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    Default Re: New Build Release today

    All releases are announced in the following blog:

    If it is not there yet, then it should be pretty soon.

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