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Thread: using replay A/V and the best way to convert the recorded show to a CD

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    Wink using replay A/V and the best way to convert the recorded show to a CD

    Dear Group,

    one of the shows I listed to is Am Coast to Coast and it 4 hours long. What is the best way if any to convert the recorded show to a CD if that is possible?

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    Default Re: using replay A/V and the best way to convert the recorded show to a CD

    Well, if you're talking about audio CD's that play on most CD players, then you better buy a whole bunch of blank CD's! Since they hold a little over an hour of audio, I would go under the "splitting" tab and have the show split at every 0 minutes, so the 4 hour show will be split into 4 hours. Then you can pick from many different programs to burn them onto CD's. I know that Windows Media Player that comes with Windows will do it. Hopefully your other option would be putting the recordings onto a CD as data files, not CD audio. In that case, you would not have to split the show into smaller files, and you can just burn the recorded files onto a CD which will play on other computers, and some CD players.

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