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Thread: Replay Media Catcher quality: MP4 versus FLV

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    I have been recording a few videos from school (so I can review them offline). Replay Media Catcher works great. However, sometimes when I save I get an mp4 and sometimes an flv. The flv files look much better. I would prefer to always save in flv format as a consequence. Given that I am viewing flash videos I am not sure why I ever save in mp4 format. Can I change this and always saving in flv format?

    Sorry if this question is posted in the wrong forum.

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    MP4 and FLV are just containers. Video resolution and video codecs are important for video quality, but not containers.

    Replay Media Catcher downloads or captures video files digitally, so you don't lose any quality. RMC downloads/captures exactly the files that you watch. So you can't make your videos better or worse, unless you convert them automatically.

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