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Thread: toolbar buttons, how to show once hidden?

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    Question toolbar buttons, how to show once hidden?

    This seems like a fairly simple problem, maybe it's the hour and I can't think straight...
    Rigardless, I had previously hidden many of the buttons from the freecorder toolbar to limit the amount of clutter on the top of my page. Now I have need for some of them and can't seem to find a way to have them reappear. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, I thank you in advance!

    Recap: I previously clicked modify -> clicked the record audio tool -> unchecked 'show button' and now I am having trouble 're-showing' the button.

    FYI: i am running windows 7 64 with IE9, dont think any of that will make a difference, just thought i'd toss it out there to be sure.

    Thanks again!

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    Default Re: toolbar buttons, how to show once hidden?

    You need to right click inside the browsers toolbar section. If it's FULL - you might need to click around a bit - but you want to right click, and re-select the freecorder toolbar

    I just clicked above my bookmarks and it worked fine for me clicking there.
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    Jeff Lenney
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