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Thread: Error and unable to detect remote webcam

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    Default Error and unable to detect remote webcam

    I just recently bought this software and after installing I now receive this error when starting Skype with the Telecorder running:

    file ..\dlgtr_directx.cpp: line 1053: function IDirect3DDevice9_Incptr::dojob_create_dev_and_incp tr:
    assertion `dev' failed

    Despite this error, the program appears to work fine, except it doesn't detect the webcams of anyone I am in a call with.

    I'm running Windows XP SP3 as an admin. I have tried uninstalling both, rebooting and then reinstalling but the error persist.
    Any help would be most appreciated.

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    Default Re: Error and unable to detect remote webcam

    Do you have more than one monitor? When you installed the program did you make sure that Skype was closed? If not please uninstall. Reboot. Now select the Skype icon in your taskbar and choose Quit. At this point install our program.

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    Default Re: Error and unable to detect remote webcam

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Unfortunately, it wasn't able to fix the problem. I'm running on a single monitor, laptop to be precise.
    I still get the same error and I even tried to completely remove both Skype and the Telecorder, rebooting and reinstalling them on separate boots, ensuring Skype and no Skype processes were running during the Telecorder install.

    Any further recommendations I can try?

    EDIT: It seems that now the Telecorder is unable to detect any streams since reinstalling.

    EDIT2: Tried to remove everything on the laptop of both Skype and Telecorder and reinstalled. I didn't succeed as the Telecorder had my previous settings saved. This time however it was able to detect audio after about an hour of call time.
    I attempted to record it as a test and immediately the call became badly truncated and impossible to hear each other.
    A new error message came up shortly after:

    file ..\mcr_pcm_resample_filter.cpp: line 1419: function mcr_pcm_resample_filter::Receive:
    assertion `p_src + frames_left == src_data + src_sample_count' failed
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