When a file already exists for an .mp3 file within RMC, it correctly renames the new file "Copy of [filename].mp3". However, when the file is an .flv format file, it fails to identify the song 100% of the time on slacker.com, and thus fails to rename it to a correct "Copy of [filename].flv". Every .flv is instead named "Web Player.flv" and so copies continue as "Copy (2) of Web Player.flv" and so on. RMC should handle FLV files from slacker.com as efficiently as MP3 files. Since RMC downloads the FLV files perfectly, but can't rename it based on the new filenaming rules from the browser page title, this points to the fact that something is simply "broken" in the filenaming rules as they apply to FLV files. It's as if the filenaming rules get ignored by RMC whenever it detects an FLV file.