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Thread: Real Player 3.98 not opeing IE8

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    Question Real Player 3.98 not opeing IE8

    I'm running Replay Music 3.98 and when I try to Start Recording/Open Website to Record, my IE8 will not open. I had Chrome installed (by something) and I removed it. Could this have broken it? Is there anything I can check?


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    Default Re: Real Player 3.98 not opeing IE8

    See if a reboot of your computer corrects this. This is not something I have heard of happening before. Also, do make sure that IE is set for your default browser

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    Default Re: Real Player 3.98 not opeing IE8

    Quote Originally Posted by wulai View Post
    IE browser is always rubbish.....
    You signed up to the forum just to post this? :-) I suspect possible spammer, you're on my watch list

    Edit - HOT dayum i'm good. Looked up his email address and he was indeed a spammer. Ban Stick - hyah! :-)
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