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Thread: RMC Application has stopped working error?

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    Default RMC Application has stopped working error?

    I'm using windows vista ultimate. I downloaded RMC 3.01 today and after it records one video it stops working. My Media Catcher info is below along with the vista error message.

    I first open RMC, then push "start recording", and then open internet explorer and go to the site with the video (in this case its snl clips on

    Is there a fix for this? Also my "Tip of the Day" shows up as an empty grey box? And IE has become pretty slow.

    Replay Media Catcher [Version: 3.01] [Build Date: Sep 12 2008 (15:09:00)] R: 1
    Current Date/Time: Sat Sep 27 09:48:54 2008
    Plug-In: plugin_zhttp []
    Plug-In: plugin_zicy []
    Plug-In: plugin_zrtmp []
    Plug-In: plugin_zrtsp []
    Plug-In: plugin_zskhttp []
    Internal: ahook []
    Internal: gopher []
    Internal: MusicDNSLib []
    Windows: Service Pack 1 [6.0.6001]
    Browser: Internet Explorer [UAC: 0] [7.0.6001.18000]
    Browser: Mozilla Firefox [3.0 (en-US)]

    Vista Error: Replay Media Catcher Application has stopped working. Windows is checking for a solution to the problem.


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    I believe you have already opened a support ticket for this.

    Best Regards,

    Tasha Heinlein
    Applian Technologies, Inc.

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