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Thread: Radio Station Caution Triangle

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    Default Radio Station Caution Triangle

    Hi out there: I am a newbie, so bear with me. Selected a station from the list and got it into the window but after the hourglass spun for a short time I got a flashing exclamation point in a triangle. Does this simply mean they are off the air or something else? Didn't see info in user guide. Thanks.

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    hi Kenneth

    i have the same problem and i have received this answer " when a radio station doesn't work that means it is the wrong URL. Find the right URL and change it and you should be good to go." but it was not explained how to find the right URL. When I press on the Freecorder buttons for settings and staff nothing happens. can someone assist .... more elaborate please , looks like we are 2 newbies ...: )))


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