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Thread: Great Applian products!

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    Thumbs up Great Applian products!

    I just wanna say your products are just phenomenal! Very reliable programs and, fun too use and, straight-foward. I use to use TubeHunter® Ultra from another company but, the app started to fail to capture videos of certain sites...
    so, I was thinking: "there has got to be something better out there" so, I came across by searching: how to download videos of hulu and, came across...Replay products by Applian! I was thinking: "let me give this app a chance" and, boy was it a good move on my part...stated downloading videos of using RMC and, it was very easy to use great app by the way! I know I sound like a suck-up but, I give credit where its rightfully due! Well, Devs, great products and, hope you can create many more!!!


    Kind Regards,

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    Hi Matt,

    We appreciate the kind words and support. We'll take all the suck-up we can get Our goal is to provide the best consumer products in our space and always try to remain on the cutting edge. Stay tuned for other cool stuff.


    Tom Mayes

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