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Thread: Converting VR mode to Video mode

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    Default Converting VR mode to Video mode

    I have a video recorder which records in "VR mode". I want to convert the discs it produces to "Video mode" to play on an ordinary DVD player. Will Replay Converter do this? There seems to be an insuperable problem because my XP laptop won't even recognise the DVD-RW discs I use. Could there be a way round this?
    CORRECTION: I'd neglected to finalise the DVD, it will now read and play on my laptop but my DVD player declares it a bad disc.
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    Default Re: Converting VR mode to Video mode

    At the present time our program does not convert this format-at least it is not formally supported. In some cases, depending on the codec, a different format might work. If it works on your laptop but not on your player try and convert to a different mode. Most players use MPEG 2 NTSC or PAL depending on where you are located. Also, do use new DVDs and not rewriteable with our program.

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