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Thread: Email Notifier Errors

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    Default Email Notifier Errors

    Encountered 2 problems:
    1. Although my email is listed as not connecting, and no messages, when I click on it, it automatically opens up my email. So, I know that the connect works - but it doesn't notify me.
    2. One of those listed as not connected, when I click on it, it attempts to open up another email account (even though I deleted and replaced it several times).
    I only download this software for the email notifier tool and if I cant get it to work I will have to render Applian an eviction notice.

    Please help?!

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    Default Re: Email Notifier Errors

    If you are referring to the Freecorder 4 toolbar please contact conduit tech support for the toolbar. We have put our recorder on the toolbar but we are not in charge of the other features that it has. You will get more help if you contact them directly. Thanks.

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