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Thread: Naming YouTube files with replay media catcher?

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    Default Naming YouTube files with replay media catcher?

    ExcelIsFun youtube files

    Anybody out there who has a suggestion as to how to solve following problem
    Go to:

    There are a lot of youtube flv-files there.

    When selecting,for example, the first one "Excel Basics Series"
    A new window will open.
    When clicking on the first one: Excel Basics #1: What is Excel
    you will start to record a .flv file.

    If you donot stop the process, it will continue to download the 2nd file, 3rd and so on.

    That is really okay.

    However, the files are named like: YouTube - 8c3a202e029345ff.flv, YouTube - fc004747747e65b9.flv, etc.

    After a while you may find a number of such files downloaded, but what's what...?

    Even if you copy paste the thumbnails and text to raw .txt the text with codes behind it does not show any relation to above .flv filenames.

    To name the files one has to open/close each individual file, which may be fine for a couple of files but not for a couple of hundred files...

    Any other suggestions?


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    Unhappy Re: Naming YouTube files

    I have a similar issue when downloading 3 parts of the same MY Three Sons show. The files are names something like "x432ssd show name_pt1_3.flv", "fe34523 show name_pt.flv" and maybe "ddff899a show name_3_flv" so even one of the segments does not have the flv extension. However in the RMC window, it shows pt1_3.flv, pt2_3.flv and pt3_3.flv. Just that the names don't get stored in the folder that way. And I ne4ed to open up each one to figure out what goes with what. This is RMC 3.11

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    Default Re: Naming YouTube files

    Have posted a feature request (see Feature Request forum) and have sent Applian a separate support mail.
    However, the more support there is here, the more chance we get on the developers' list sometime. . .

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