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    Hi there,

    I just purchased Replay AV and have to notice that the settings under the tuning TAB absolutely make no sense.

    "Stream Capture Timeout" is the time the program simply waits when a connection is broken. During this time it does nothing, even does not try to reconnect.
    I doubt this is intended like that..

    if the above mentioned time is elapsed, retrys are performed at the rate specified under "Start connecting .. seconds before record time"
    If this time is set to a low value, your 20 connect retrials are "smoked" in no time, resulting in a stop catching the stream.

    I wonder if somebody ever noticed and reported this. I want that fixed!


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    Default Re: Tuning settings

    What are you trying to record. In the majority of cases if it doesn't work in 20 connects it is not going to work.

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    it's not a matter of the 20 tries for connect.
    I just want the program to do what it is supposed, according to the manual.

    The value specified under "automatically retune" is supposed to be the interval at which the reconnect tries shall be performed.

    Currently this interval is taken from the "Start connecting" value which is normally set low, resulting in exhausting the reconnect attempts whithin no time, should the connection break.

    Also the program starts saving a stream right after a successful connection.
    Example: If I specify saving a show from 15:00 until 16:00 with a "Start connecting" value of 30 seconds, the final file will be something around 01:00:28

    According to my understanding the program shall connect @ 14:59:30. Then wait until 15:00:00 before saving the stream to the file.


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