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Thread: Converting FlipHD mp4 video into AVI for editing in Sony Vegas

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    Default Converting FlipHD mp4 video into AVI for editing in Sony Vegas

    I just bought a FlipHD (video recorder) that creates mp4 video files. I intend to edit them in Sony Vegas but first need to convert the files to an AVI.

    Would this product (Replay Converter) do the trick? Will Replay Converter do this conversion? Is the resulting AVI video of equal quality? Can the resulting AVI file be imported into Sony Vegas.

    If anyone has addressed these issues I'd appreciate their comments. I searched for several hours this evening on this topic and there are so many programs out there that it is confusing. I am a long time Replay Radio owner and love that software so am hoping their Replay Converter is what I am looking for.


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    Default Re: Converting FlipHD mp4 video into AVI for editing in Sony Vegas

    Yes, you should be able to convert mp4 files with Replay Converter into AVI. With regards to Sony Vegas - I'm not sure what that is....

    However - you can download a free DEMO of Replay Converter and try it for yourself. Granted, you won't be able to convert a whole lot - but it should be enough for you to tell if it'll do the job you require or not.

    I hope this helps
    Best Regards,

    Jeff Lenney
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    Applian Technologies, Inc.

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