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Thread: trying to record 3 hour radio show

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    Default trying to record 3 hour radio show

    Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file.
    That is what it says when I try to play the recording which had been broken up in 3 or 4 wave files I just want one big mp3 file which is what I had it set to convert the file to.

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    Default Re: trying to record 3 hour radio show

    Good evening,

    Thanks for your inquiry and I'm sorry to hear you're having these issues. Would you mind clarifying the issue please?

    What is the link/url to the video you recorded so we can test record it ourselves - and why is it broken up into 3/4 files - was that how the stream was presented, or did you split the files manually?

    Best Regards,

    Jeff Lenney
    Technical Support
    Applian Technologies, Inc.

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