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Thread: Video playback is too fast after recording live video stream with Replay Media Catcher 4

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    Default Video playback is too fast after recording live video stream with Replay Media Catcher 4

    I recently started using Replay Media Catcher 4 because it seemed like a very useful product. I was attempting to record a live stream this evening of a concert that was airing free online, I figured it would be a great time to test out the functionality of this program. Everything seemed to go fine while recording, it seemed like it was working exactly as it was supposed to be. I then tried to watch my FLV video and discovered that the video was 2x faster than the audio, though the audio was in sync and played at normal speed. Is there anything I can do to fix this or if any further clarification is needed feel free to ask. I recorded the stream and than went to watch it and the video playback is too fast and absolutely makes the video unwatchable, if anyone can fix this I would be greatly appreciative.

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    Default Re: Video Playback is Too Fast after recording live stream with Replay Media Catcher 4

    Quote Originally Posted by ApplianFAQ
    Sometimes when recording webcams or other live streams the site does not provide meta data. In particular the duration in the meta data is important in FLV files because it allows you to search forward in the FLV file in many players. Without it you can not rapidly seek forward in the file.

    Sometimes a recorded live streams/webcams video and audio may also be out of sync because the server is sending incorrect timestamps
    FAQ on the Applian main site about using Fix FLV with live streams:
    Quote Originally Posted by ApplianFAQ
    After a live stream is recorded, the Fix FLV tool will run automatically in order to add the duration metadata in (if its missing). This allows the file to be seeked. If the FLV file plays back at the wrong speed or out of sync, you need to fix the timestamps manually. Here's how:
    1. Click Tools -> Fix FLV and select the file to be fixed.
      Or, if the file is still in Replay Media Catcher's main list, right-click on it and select Fix FLV.
    2. Expand the File Contents section

    3. Set timestamp to 15 and click "Fix Time".

    If the resulting file is still fast or slow then the time stamp can be adjusted further. But, 15 usually does the trick. Be sure to click the Fix Time button, or your changes will not be applied.

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