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Thread: Not recording Live messenger

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    Question Not recording Live messenger


    I'm using Replay media catcher v 4.0.19 (registered) and I'm unable to record any video feed from webcams on Live messenger (MSN). I also tried on Skype and yahoo messenger without any succes.

    My real issue is with msn as I use it all the time.

    I have tried a trial version of Camersoft MSN webcam recorder that works perfectly (with limitations). Since I don't want to pay again for another software.. I'm sure there's is a solution since RMC is suppose to work and record video feed from msn live messenger.

    If I need a plug-in or else let me know.

    I did try to search the site and the internet for a solution with RMC without any luck.

    Thank you for you help

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    Default Re: Not recording Live messenger

    RMC is not supposed to work with proprietary protocols used by instant messengers. You can record Skype using Replay Telecorder for Skype.
    You can try to record other video sessions from IMs using Replay Video Capture.

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