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Thread: Freecorder error message: cannot initialize audio drivers

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    Default Freecorder error message: cannot initialize audio drivers


    We posted this problem earlier today, but it seems to have disappeared, so we will repost here:

    We have used Freecorder 4 for several months with no problems, but today this problem appeared:

    When we click on the <Record Audio Tool> button, in either Firefox or Internet Explorer, a window appears with the message:

    __________________________________________________ __________________
    X Could not initialize any audio drivers.

    Please make sure "FCAudio.exe" is not running by looking in the Windows task manager.

    __________________________________________________ __________________

    In fact, we look at the the Processes tab in the Windows task manager, the FCAudio.exe driver appears in the list when we click on <Record Audio Tool>, and disappears when we click on OK in the error message window.

    Please, what could cause this error message?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Freecorder error message: cannot initialize audio drivers

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