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Thread: Stream won't start automatically with some stations

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    Default Stream won't start automatically with some stations

    Using audio capture (so I can listen to the station while recording,) some stations such as WRKO-AM won't start without having to click the > (play) button. But here's what's interesting:

    The station will start by itself if the play button on the stations's web media player (the one seen in the browser) is visible in the Replay Tuner! So if I simply "tune to station," the stream won't start, but if I scroll down in the Replay Tuner so that I can see the play button while the station is loading, then I can watch it move from stop to play and the station starts streaming. So question:

    Is there a way to allow the Replay Tuner window to open to a bigger size? I think that might solve the problem.

    BTW, the option to have the station open in a browser window instead of Replay Tuner doesn't work because then the browser won't close when it's time for the next scheduled station to open and I end up with two stations playing simultaneously in different browser windows. Also, I should mention that that WRKO does start playing automatically from the play button in the Media Guide.


    EDIT: I think I may have solved this by turning off tabbed browsing in Internet Explorer -- that way the current stream is forced to close when the next scheduled one begins. Still, it would be great if the Replay Tuner would handle the task so that IE could be used with tabs enabled.
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    Default Re: Stream won't start automatically with some stations

    Thanks for the feedback on this. It is appreciated. If you are adding a station from the Media Guide and having a probelm let us know in the Media Guide Department.

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    Default Re: Stream won't start automatically with some stations

    Thanks for the work around, wadio. I'm having same problems trying to record ESPN 980 and WJFK 106.7 The Fan.

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