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Thread: Freecorder audio recorder won't launch, Windows explorer and taskmanager crash

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    Default Freecorder audio recorder won't launch, Windows explorer and taskmanager crash

    The video downloader works perfectly. In fact, it's amazing! But when I try to record streaming audio, I click the button on the toolbar and the only thing that happens is that it sends other computer programs crashing. Windows explorer and taskmanager crash. The tray at the bottom crashes and the recorder won't launch. Is there a reason that anyone knows of? Anything I can do to fix it? Or should I contact support? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Freecorder audio recorder won't launch, Windows explorer and taskmanager crash

    This could be the result of another program clashing with Freecorder. Here is a list of things that we know can cause this problem:

    CA Anti-Spyware Utility
    Vista Transformation Pack
    Net Nanny
    Trusteer Rappoirt

    If you have any of these or a similar app running on your computer, try shutting them down while Freecorder is running. If it is not one of the known apps this can be difficult to pinpoint.

    Another suggestion is to look for FLVsrvc.exe as a process in the windows Task Manager. If you find it, end that process.

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