I'm evaluating RVC using the (just downloaded) free demo to record short video clips from Hulu. Although it records the clip to my hard drive OK, the quality is unacceptable. The video jerks a bit during momentary pauses and the audio synch is poor. In searching the forum, it appears this is a common issue with no apparent proven solution.

My PC has a 3.4G Intel Dual-core with 1.5G RAM. I don't have any other programs running and little in the way of background processes. In my Recommended Settings I have selected option "2. High Quality full motion videos", MPEG2, video bit rate 6,000.

Some suggest to try reducing the size of the capture window. Maybe I'm missing some thing but Hulu doesn't appear to offer that option. The video size is about 1/4 of the screen & fixed.

Does anyone have any ideas how to improve the quality of my recordings? Help will be much appreciated.

Best regards, Richard