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Thread: RMC 4 not completing ESPN3 streams

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    Default RMC 4 not completing ESPN3 streams

    In the last 2-3 weeks, RMC 4, for me, has had problems completing ESPN3 streams. For example, RMC would stop receiving two or so hours into a 3-3.5 hour long event. The event would continue streaming (in fact, I can watch the stream), but RMC stops recording. It does not show the stream as completed, and it is still showing as recording, but no additional video is added to the file.

    Anyone have any ideas on why this would be?



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    Default Re: RMC 4 not completing ESPN3 streams

    If they use RTMP streams, try the following:
    Go to Tools -> Settings -> RTMP Download Tweaks and mark the "Always record RTMP streams (instead of downloading)" checkbox.

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