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Thread: Recording audio output crashed system

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    Default Recording audio output crashed system

    Replay AV really messed me up this weekend. Because itís not downloading streams at the moment from a lot of stations, itís recording the audio output. On Saturday it opened a player and started playing, but for some reason was not able to detect the sound, even though it was certainly coming through the speakers. It opened up another player, so theyíre playing over each other (but offset, so you hear an echo effect), and still couldnít detect the sound. I guess in the 3 hours, it opened up one per minute, so when I walked in the front door there must have been 180 open and trying to play! It was ďwhite noiseĒ that sounded like the crowd at a football stadium or like static from a TV tuned to a channel with no station. No surprise, there was also a window open that said ďFatal Error.Ē It took me several minutes to shut down all the windows (which was kind of neat to hear the voices start to become recognizable as the players closed). Then I rebooted, but windows would not load properly! After several failed reboots, I had no other choice but to reinstall Windows 7! Iím pretty good about backing up files, so I didnít lose too much stuff. But I now need to reinstall a lot of programs, and some programs (like Replay) keep a count of how many times they are installed. Iím almost certain that I tested it by right-clicking and picking ďstart record/download now,Ē and it worked. Now Iím recording stuff manually with some other software, and I havenít even reinstalled Replay AV yet. So, I guess Iíll gather my courage to set it up again, but will make sure to run it tended until Iím comfortable that it will not do that again. So the lesson to share about adapting to this new (and hopefully temporary) recording method is: Test, test, test!!!

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    Default Re: Recording audio output crashed system

    I'm sorry this happened. It is not the norm at all and we have not had other reports of this. If you do have a problem let us know in tech support.

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