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Thread: You send it Express - what is it?

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    Default You send it Express - what is it?

    using Replay A/V v 8.43 -
    PC is XP SP3

    just updated from 8.21 to 8.43 and came across this install during the process.
    What is this program & do I need it?
    I tried google - but no luck and then I tried a search with Applian - not luck.

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    You SendIt is part of the Replay AV program. It allows you to send a file to someone else or even to yourself to a different location. As an example I have used it to record a talk show and send the recording to my sister. She gets a link where she is able to download the file and play it at her leisure. It works great when you need to send a large file to someone that otherwise might be blocked by an ISP.

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    soon after submitting the post I then tried googling "YouSendit" (with out the Express) - found it.
    I don't think its something I'll use.

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