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Thread: How to adjust the volume levels of saved MP3 and WAV recordings?

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    Default How to adjust the volume levels of saved MP3 and WAV recordings?

    I have a couple of thousand MP3 and WAV files. When I downplay them to my MP3 players the volume level varies greatly from one file to another. Is there a tool out there to preset the volume of each file?
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    You could always adjust the volume to your files in iTunes.


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    Default Re: Adjusting volume of MP3s

    i Tunes won't adjust the volume of the MP3 file but only will adjust the volume (normalization) when playing in iTunes.

    I use a freeware app for the PC called MP3gain (google it). This actually will adjust the volume of the files to a user determined value (default is 89db) so that they are normalized no matter what the playback method.

    It seems to have the best file analysis and their are advanced features/settings if you so choose or know what you are doing.
    They also say that the process is reversible as the program knows what has been done from the file...but I haven't tried this. If you are a worrry wart then first make a new folder of your files to run it on so that the outputted files can be checked. (I did this the first time that I used it).

    Overall I just leave everything on the default. Open all the files. Run track analysis and then adjust the gain. Soewhere on the web (google it) there is a how to guide.

    Hope this helps.

    PS to add album art and tag MP3 files I use the freeware MediaMonkey.

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