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Thread: TV Tuner Recording

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    Default TV Tuner Recording

    Sorry people, but you're probably going to get bored with me and my dumb questions as I work my way through the suite and encounter difficulties...

    I've just found a menu entry in Replay AV8 which says 'Record TV Tuner Card or WebCam'. I have a Hauppauge HVR1110 TV card in my system which is working perfectly well with the bundled WinTV software and with Windows Media Centre, but when I select this menu option, AV8 tells me I don't have a TV card installed - is there an issue with some hardware or do I need an extra driver to get AV8 and the HVR1110 to work together?

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    I'm afraid our program is not going to recognize your TV tuner card. Thanks.

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    OK Cheryl, no worries- just playing with all the settings. Thanks for the speedy response tho.

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