Hi I had Freecorder installed for a long time then I decided to reinstall yesterday to Free 4 and it worked fine for an hour' now nothing? Iíd guess thatís when the ASK toolbar inserted itself. If I click any button Record audio , Convert Files, Play Radio, etc They all revert to the Applian Home page?? So I tried to Uninstall Freecorder 4 (Cannot find ASK) Via the Free 4 uninstall in Start/ All Programs/ and it says cannot uninstall etc. I tried Control Centre/ Add Remove/ same story. Tried Revo same story I have deleted every thing to do with Freecorder 4 even in Programs/ but the Tool bar is still there and itís still showing in the Registry? I know itís the Darn ďAsk BarĒ ASK are a Pain in the arsk? Will somone please tell me how to get this off my computer so I can never come back to ďAskĒ disguised as Applian Freecorder 4 again I will never install another Applian Product they should be sued for Spamming false advertising and a few other thingís I can think of! Freecorder 3.1 was a brilliant program and they have spoilt it all and sold themselves out to ASK. Thanks in advance for your Help Dasha Win XP3 Office , Firefox 3.6