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Thread: Won't identify tracks

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    Default Won't identify tracks

    Replay Music won't identify any tracks on my PC. (Always reports "Not Recognised".) I've followed all the advice I can find on the subject - such as ensuring Replay is started before the audio source program, and that the Apllian Audio Recorder plug-in is enabled in Windows Media Player.

    Incidentally, RM was also unable to hear any sound using the default "Audio Card" setting. I set this to "Creative SB Audigy" and it hears fine.

    I'm using version 3.97 on a (fully up-to-date) Windows 7 32-bit PC.

    Any suggestions, please?


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    Default Re: Won't identify tracks

    An update. It has just recognised a track (although incorrectly) for the first time ever.

    The track "Shampain" from the album "Family Jewels", by Marina & The Diamonds, was recognised as:
    Track - "Family Jewels", Album - "Groove Time", Artist - blank.

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    Default Re: Won't identify tracks

    What link are you recording from? Are you getting an error message? The best thing to do is contact tech support with detailed information and a log file

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