upgraded last night to rmc4. it has some pros and cons. when it catches a stream, instead of showing mb it shows kb which is disturbing for me, also the setting comes in several tab where3.11 was all in one spot.i do like the little converter though.i like everything in avi so i can watch through my live wd media player. at first i did not like that there wasnt a right click and delete all files, but found i could delete files i wanted to by holding down ctrl button and pick the ones i wanted to delete. 4 has a nice search feature, and of course this one, like the last cant do hulu it does do eztakes where 3.11 couldnt.

so far it appears to record flv great. but at my fav stream place quicksilver, it will catch the stream to 20% then stop and say determining file format and there it stays there. so today i will uninstall all rmc and reinstall 4 to see if that will solve the problem.